Friday, August 12, 2016

College and More

My name is Adam.  I am 23 years old.  I  am still living with my parents.  I've attended Des Moines Area community college for two years, earning an associates degree in Information Technology Network Administration and attended Iowa State University for a few years as well.  Due to a recent a recent job loss, my dad's job took us to Indiana, and I came along with as I do not have the cash to support myself on my own yet.  This did not let me complete my bachelors degree at Iowa State University.  However, due to a recent family illness (cancer), this led us to being in Indiana earlier than what we planned.  I am starting to look for a job, but it is tough, especially with no job experience and very little people you can use as references.  I am also just learning how to drive and have a fear of driving.  This also makes it hard to get a job as well.  As I am looking for a job, any extra help for paying off my loans is definetly appreciated.  Even if the help is with a job, advice, or a little help with money, all the help is greatly appreciated and I will return the favor.  You can visit my website at and find ways to contact me there or you can contact me through gofundme.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Katakana Vowel Sounds

Here are the Japanese Katakana Vowel sounds, the Katakana sound the same as the Hiragana, but they are written differently.

A - ア
I - イ
U - ウ
E - エ
O - オ

The links

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Challange Quiz!

For a challenge, study all the hiragana characters and take the test over all of them in my hiragana quizlet folder!  (Note I don't know if you need an account or not)
Post what you get in the comments!

Next steps: Vocab? Grammar? Katakana? You're choice!

Last Japanese Hiragana Characters - W

These are the final characters!
Wo is pronounced O, but it is typed on a keyboard wo.
And here is how you write them!

The links:

Japanese Hiragana R Sounds

2 More sets! They are getting a bit harder, because some of the characters are looking like others!
The R Sounds are a combination of R, L, and D.  Look in the links for pronunciation!
Here is how you write them:

and the links:

Japanese Hiragana Y Sounds

There are only 3 hiragana sounds in this section!
Here is how you write them

and the links:

Japanese Hiragana M Sounds

Here's the M Sounds! We are getting close to the end!
Some of the characters look similar to other ones so be careful!

and of course, here's the links!